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Meat-curing workshop with charcutier Richard Bosman

+ Included

Take home the product that you made

The next best thing to tucking into a platter of perfectly cured meat at a tapas bar in Spain or trattoria in Italy? Learning how to make the meaty treats yourself in a charcuterie masterclass, of course.


  •  Learn how to cure meat
  • Tour of the charcuterie factory
  • Take home recipes
  • Take home the product that you made
  • Taste a selection of cured meats for lunch


Imagine the bragging rights you’ll earn when telling your friends the platter of cured meats they’re snacking on actually weren’t bought from the deli down the road. Up for the task of introducing you to the age old tradition of curing meat is Richard Bosman, one of South Africa’s most respected charcuterie masters.

For Richard, making top-notch charcuterie comes down to using traditional salting and air-drying methods and only the best quality meat (he uses only local, pasture-reared pigs). But you’ll find out all of this first hand at his interactive charcuterie-making workshop.

Gathering in the morning at Richard’s factory, you’ll be welcomed with a cup of coffee followed by a tour of the premises, getting a glimpse of what goes into producing his legendary prosciuttos, lardons, chorizos, salamis and more. And then the real hands-on fun starts. Richard will take you through the steps of properly butchering a pig and which cuts are used for which types of charcuterie, before teaching you how to make your own bacon, chorizo and pork sausage.

You’ll learn everything from how to slice, grind and spice the meat to stuffing the sausage cases and aging your meaty creations. Lunch is a laid-back affair starring – surprise, surprise – a spread of Richard’s charcuterie complemented by fresh breads, cheeses, pickles and salads. The day is wrapped up with a question and answer session with Richard, and then you get to go home with a set of recipes and the charcuterie products you made. How’s that for bringing home the bacon?


  • Included
  • Not Included
  • Important Information
  • Itinerary
  • Coffee on arrival
  •  Full printed recipes included
  • Selection of cured meats for lunch
  • Take home selection of meats that you made during the course
  • Transportation to and from the experience
  • Request for private groups
  • No more than 12 people per booking
  • No suitable wheelchair access
  • Wear old clothes
  • Bring an apron
  • Bring a cooler box
  • You need to eat pork
  • Scheduled dates are dependent on a minimum booking of 10 people

09h00 – 09h15: You’ll get a cup of coffee on arrival, followed by an introduction by charcuterie master Richard Bosman and a tour through the factory.

10h00 – 11h30: The class begins with a demonstration of how to butcher a pig using the right butchering techniques. You’ll also have the opportunity to try your hand at butchering different cuts of meat under the guidance of Richard.

11h30 -12h30: You’ll then learn how to spice and mince the different cuts for the sausage and chorizo, followed by a step-by- step tutorial on making the sausages yourself.

12h30 – 13h30: The last tutorial will be on how to make and cure your own bacon. Once everyone has had their turn to make their charcuterie products.

13h30 – 14h30: You’ll get to sit down to a relaxed lunch including various of Richard’s charcuterie, cheeses, pickles and salads. After a final question and answer session, you’ll go home with a set of printed recipes and the meat goodies that you made during the course.

What eatsplorers are saying

Thank you so much, this experienced opened up a new world for me and the course was brilliantly presented. Very friendly staff, delicious lunch and the entire set-up is very neat and clean. Once again thank you very much.

Thinus Malan

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We would love to hear how your experience was so please leave a comment and review!
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Meat-curing workshop with charcutier Richard Bosman

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