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Professional barista course at Truth Coffee Academy

If you are dreaming of making coffee a full-time career, the professional barista course at Truth Coffee Academy taught by award-winning expert barista trainers are just what you need to up your skills. This professional training will help you to become a fully-fledged barista that can churn out a perfect flat for the masses, time after time.


  • Truth Coffee was chosen by the Daily Telegraph as the world’s best coffee shop.
  • Pull a shot just like the pros.
  • Learn how to stretch milk in theory and practice.
  • Demonstration of making a basic espresso.
  • Learn about roasting, cupping, equipment and milk preparation.


“There are few cafés in the world as stunning as Truth, a steampunk inspired artisan coffee shop that is filled from top to bottom with metal piping and quirky old machinery. But people don’t just flock there for the décor…” So starts the rave review by The Telegraph, who named Truth Café the best coffee shop in the world in 2016. Of course, there’s far more to this destination than infinite Instagram opportunities. Truth’s hand-roasted coffees are supplied to some of the best restaurants and hotels across the country – and are the preferred poison of countless at-home coffee addicts’ morning cups.

So, you’re ready to realise that dream of opening your own coffee shop. Or, you’re thinking of changing careers. This course, aimed at professionals, will give you the qualification to make it happen. Over the course of 5 days, you’ll learn everything it takes to hack it in the coffee industry. Setting the foundation, there’ll be theory lessons of the history behind coffee, how and where coffee beans are grown and harvested, and the way the industry has evolved through the years.

Special attention will also be given to helping you understand different bean profiles, and how professionals go about discerning these unique flavour and taste characteristics in cupping sessions. Cupping ultimately helps roasters to create the best blends suited to different brewing methods (we’ve come a long way since the plunger, folks). Because your plan is to make coffee a career, there’ll be an in-depth discussion of all the tools you need to ply your trade, including a barista kit, bean grinder and espresso machine.

There’ll also be lots of on-hand training happening. Everything from learning how to grind beans and pull perfect espresso shots to how to microtexture milk (the fancy term for aerating milk to give it that velvety texture) and why presentation is such an important part of pouring the perfect coffee (this is where latte art comes in). Teaching you how to clean your espresso machine and how often you should do it, is also super important (dirty machines make bad coffee and can even lead them to breaking). Once you’ve worked through all the coffee recipes required from a typical barista menu, there is a written theory test and a practical presentation (good luck!) which will be graded by the trainers. If you pass with 85% or more, collect your certification and do a little happy dance: you’re now a barista.


  • Included
  • Not Included
  • Important Information
  • Itinerary
  • Barista manual
  • Coffee every day
  • Cupping session
  • Transportation
  • Gratuity
  • Lunch not included
  • Latte art is not guaranteed nor focused on
  • Lunch not included
  • Be on time!
  • The professional barista course accommodates a minimum of 1 person and maximum of 4 people

Every day from : 10:00 – 14:00

DAY 1: Setting the grinder and pulling an espresso.

DAY 2: Further in-depth discussion about espresso flow and pulling two shots at once.

DAY 3: Pulling shot practice and micro textured milk and espresso history theory.

DAY 4: Putting it all together: Learn how to produce two flat whites at once.

DAY 5: Final preparation and the test.


What eatsplorers are saying

The Academy is made up of passionate barista trainers keen on sharing their knowledge and proving that, in the world of coffee, it’s more important to ask “why” rather than “how”.


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We would love to hear how your experience was so please leave a comment and review!
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