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Tamatiestraat cooking class & social dinner experience

If you’ve always been a bit intimidated by the thought of formal cooking classes, Tamatiestraat Cooking School’s relaxed, friendly vibe and fresh, innovative approach to food will be right up your alley. In fact, you’ll probably end up laughing as much as you’ll sharpen your cooking skills, thanks to the foodie couple’s quirky kitchen chemistry and never-miss-a-beat comedic timing.


  • Relaxed and fun demo cooking experience
  • Small group around kitchen counter
  • 5 – 6 recipes per class
  • Take all (complete!) recipes home with you
  • Classes available in a wide range of themes
  • Wine included


There’s nothing uptight or snobby about the cooking demos Reinée and Deon Brand conduct from the cosy kitchen of their Stellenbosch home. “These demos are for people who’d like to rediscover their love of cooking; whether they want to walk away with a few new ideas for dinner parties, or simply want to learn some new dishes they can make at home,” says Reinée.

The demos take place during the evening, and each has its own seasonally driven theme. It can be anything from fiery curries or French Provençal classics in the nippy winter months (think Pakistani gosht durbari with homemade rotis or croque monsieur and chicken ballotine) to lighter antipasti fare when summer’s in full force (lobster bruschetta with peach kimchi and peri-peri chicken wings, anyone?).

Right from the start, a relaxed vibe is set: as you arrive, you’re handed a glass of wine and a booklet of the recipes that’ll be made during the course of the demo, and then it’s as simple as pulling up a chair around the Brands’ kitchen counter and sitting back as Reinée (chief cook and bottle washer) and Deon (ever-eager assistant and wine-glass topper-upper) get stuck in preparing the six dishes corresponding to the chosen theme.

Because it’s an eat-as-you-go demo, you don’t have to wait till the end of the evening before tucking in – as soon as Reinée and Deon are done with one course, everyone plates up and helps themselves to the dishes before the next course is made. It’s unfussy comfort food (but always with an interesting Tamatiestraat twist!) in a fun, friendly environment. Kind of like the dinner parties you dream of hosting. What’s not to love?


  • Included
  • Not Included
  • Important Information
  • Itinerary
  • Wine on arrival
  • Demo cooking experience, dishes based on seasonal produce
  • Full printed recipes included
  • All meals prepared are tasted in the form of a 3-course dinner
  • A taste of wine is served with every course
  • Transportation to and from the experience
  • No more than 18 people per booking
  • Minimum drinking age is 18 years
  • No suitable wheelchair access
  • To book any date on request for private groups send us a booking request by clicking on the Private Booking button.
  • Wine is limited to generous tastings

18h45: On arrival, you’ll receive a glass of wine and a set of full printed recipes to jot notes onto during the demo class, which will take place around Reine and Deon’s kitchen counter.

19h00 – 21h30: Before kicking off, Reine will talk guests through the different courses and while she’s busy with the demo, Deon will be assisting her in the kitchen and ensure that all guests are looked after. Each course is prepared and enjoyed around the kitchen island.

22h00: After the last course, you’ll go home sated and satisfied , and with a big smile on your dial.

What eatsplorers are saying

Reine and Deon are passionate about people and food , even more so about good people and good food. With food, laughter, wine, cooking and personality as their preferred mediums, their goal is to send folks home with something memorable.


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We would love to hear how your experience was so please leave a comment and review!
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Tamatiestraat cooking class & social dinner experience

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